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Oh, darlin' looks like you got the good drugs!

I hope you feel better and don't worry about scars and all that right now. They will fade and you are cute enough as it is!

Get some rest! I mean right now. Stop reading this and go lay down and sleep for about 20 hours, okay? Things will be so much better in a few days.



Baggage, Is there any way you can talk to your doctor or a nurse on call to at least find out if there is a different pain med that won't make you sick? Also to make sure you aren't suffering more than you have to. (I mean, I know it is major surgery, but I have had the experience of thinking things were just part of recovery and I would have to deal with them, and finding out later I didn't have to suffer through that particular issue.)


I have seen the "lala land" typing before. What a loopy kid!! She sounds just like she talks, how funny! When you are as petite as she is, meds really affect your body, and fast. We only gave her kid size doses of everything. I think she is still on baby aspirin!!

Hopefully she will start feeling better soon and won't need the "happy juice" much longer and we will be able to read her post without rereading to figure out what she is saying.

What a silly girl! You will be just fine real soon!


Hey CubbieMom! Hopefully Baggage is so far out of it that she doesn't remember this sadness and pain. Make her lie down and go to sleep will you? Glad you're there for her.

And Baggage, from the way Geo talks about you, I think he would love you if you had 50 scars on your belly.



It will be better. It really will.

Please call the doctor about options for pain meds. They should be able to make you feel better without making you sick.


(((Hugs))) now go lay down and take good care of yourself...rest lots.


Aw, Baggage, Geo will love you forever, even if your belly was just one big scar.
Please go rest and take care of yourself. Feel better.


Haha! I think Geo loves the s*hit out of you and really would just see scars on your belly as marks of bravery and courage of a strong and beautiful woman he loves. You are so funny typing, at the same time I almost cried... only one time I felt anything like you are feeling now, and I lay on the floor with my knees up and I called my mommy, yes I did. Even though I was 38 years old. I hate when people who aren't in our bodies tell us how much it hurts or not. You are tripping out, and it is painful and hard. I am sorry you are so sick. I hope it stops hurting enough for you to sleep and for some healing time to go by without the pain. big hugs. Wish i was there to talk to you (cuz yah, real hugs hurt... poor bug!)


The scars will fade, and even if they don't, Geo won't care.

I commented on your last post about Promethazine for the nausea, and different ways to take painkillers so that they won't bother your stomach as much.

I also second the suggestion to call your doctor/nurse. A different painkiller might make all the difference. My old doctor said "Vicodin, Percocet, Darvocet, they're all slightly different formulations of the same basic thing, but some people can't tolerate some of them and do better on another."

Good luck, hon.

ann adams

Please get some rest.

I'm usually up late and in the same room with my computer.

I don't always check for new posts but I do check email fairly often.

Email me if you want to talk.


I don't care who has the email address and I think you already have it. It's on my blog anyhow - just saving you a couple of steps.


Oh Hugs hon.

Feel better.

Mrs Figby

Oh, Baggage. I wish I was there to help. Sounds like your mom is taking care of you, though, and hopefully Geo will be back from racing soon. I agree with others that a call to the doc about the pain meds may be in order. Surely there is something that will work better and not make you sick.

Feel better soon!


lol poor bags they did at least give you the real good stuff. Hang in there. The pain is not forever nor is being sick from the drugs tho I know it feels that way. I know you feel alone, I wish I live a bit closer to you too, I could at least bring a smoothie over and talk to Hannah. But Geo will be home soon. All you got to do is try an relax a bit. And Geo loves you hun so it won't matter to much what color your stomach is just that you are ok.


I'm glad to see you're ok--well, in pain, but ok.

Geo probably want even notice the scars after a month or so!

Hope you feel better soon!


Hugs babe. Get some sleep and try to enjoy the loopyness and block out the pain.


Aw girlie, have you tried drinking a meal, like Ensure? When I had my surgery last summer I lived on Ensure and Percocet for 2 weeks. The Percs don't seem to irritate my tummy as much as other pills.

Oxy is strong ass shit dude, made me nauseous as hell the one time I took it.

Wish we lived closer so we could help out with Bug and stuff. Good luck to Geo, hope he wins!


The school paddle is, is not an effective instrument to deal with bad students


Not much on my mind right now. Today was a complete loss. So it goes. I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. I've basically been doing nothing , but I guess it doesn't bother me.


Vegetarianism is bad, is not bad for your health


I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. Not that it matters. I just don't have anything to say these days. I've just been hanging out waiting for something to happen. Not much on my mind these days.


You are doing great. I know it hurts now and more than just physically, I've been there. However once you are feeling better you will hopefully get to do what you are doing without suffering!
You are strong, you have your parents, kids and Geo for support. What you decide to do next is up to the future but i've been reading your blog and I think you know the struggle is worth it. Now you get to do it pain free! You give me the inspiration to consider fostering when my autisic son is older.
Best wishes and wish you better soon


I can't get in! I can't get to your regular blog. Everytime I try, some Baggage and Luggage lame crap pops up. I've tried linking back and different search engines and it immediately takes me there. Even the link you set up here, in the profile thing takes me to baggageandbug.com which is the link to the luggage spam crap. Will you send me an email telling me how to fix this? Thanks


Where are you Baggage and Bug and the family? Please let us know!!!!!!


Hey sweetie - was thinking about you today and wondered what you are up to. Drop me a line :)

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