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ann adams

You're sounding somewhat more like you today. Or at least how I think of you.

Glad to see the sense of humor returning.

Take care of ourself and get better soon.


I am really glad you still have a really good chance at babies! and hope that you get to feeling better really soon!! I hate surgery- and pray that your pain stops soon!!! and no more vomit! That is the worst after surgery! hang in there! congrats on the writing gigs!


If you don't start feeling a whole lot better soon, I'm going to come over there and kick your ass.

(Of course I wouldn't because I know you'd kick mine harder.)

Ginger ale and gator ade make a pretty good mixed drink for now.


Dear girl,

I am really, really sorry about number 4, but you have a lot of new information as well as physical trauma to overcome. It is my opinion that you are doing well to stand the glare of the computer screen as well as being mildly 'sociable' with your online contacts during this time.

In the absence of any sort of brilliance, I send you wishes for cool clean, fresh linen and refreshing and restorative rest.

I'm thinking of you.


I'm afraid to comment because I think like Geo - Hey! You have one good ovary! How about that! Isn't that great???? Yeah, I tend to look at things like that, all optimistic, and I know you don't want to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.


Dang! You must be feeling somewhat better because your writing is getting back to normal and you changed the blog template. Way cool! I love the new look. Its Baggage!!! Make sure you don't lose it at National Airport!

Anyway, glad to come home and read a post from you. I know you will get better real soon! Love ya

Jenny Ryan

1. My belly button looks like testicles.

Is it bad that I think that actually sounds kind of cool?

I like your new look!


Yet another parallel. Sorry for the length.

In my first lap, flow from one tube was questionable. Years later, I had a HSG that confirmed its blockage. A year after that, I went to an RE and wanted surgery to check on the endo and to correct the tube. I told her these things.

My surgery lasted less than 45 minutes. She had to remove a blood-filled ovarian cyst we'd known about, she said she saw no endo at all whatsoever (hooey), and did nothing to my tube, except confirm it was closed and try to force it open with fluids.

I was furious. I had told her to open it surgically. I mistakenly thought we had a plan. Instead, she decided that with one good tube, there was no reason to open the other. She felt that the risk of ectopic was more important than the benefit of the tube being open.

I disagree completely. A second tube being open would have increased my fertility. Even if the chance of ectopic were as high as 25%, I still would have had a 75% improvement in fertility. Further, if an ectopic destroyed the tube, I pragmatically know really wouldn't be out more than a normal miscarriage.

Instead of voicing her concerns ahead of time or being straight up, she made her own decisions without me in mind. I'm still pissed. Honestly, she was absolutely shocked that I called her on it.

Obviously, I don't know what was going on with your doctor, but I'll wager that the 'one good tube' rule was in effect.

Jo in Utah

Way to go on the non-STD thing. And the new look? Thumbs up. Hoping you are feeling better soon. Although I have hope, since your post actually made sense and didn't look like Bug wrote it. I figure that must be progress.


Ooh. How long have you had that pretty header? (I use Google reader to read you.)

Abdominal surgery is a b!tch. Also, try not to cough.



Ya, I second everyone else... this sounds like baggage! yay!!!! I am sorry your belly button looks like testicles. Has it grown hair? It's all wrinkly too? Dang!! How peculiar.

Interestingly as I was reading this, I was trying to remember what my scars looked like post lap surgery, and what I felt like, etc etc, and frankly, I cannot remember a thing. Now that is either good or bad, but it does say a lot about the healing of time. *I* personally am very glad you made it through the surgery. As for Cricket's thing... that is very maddening. Though in Baggage's case, it seems the ovary is dead dead so having the tube open wouldn't make much positive difference (am I wrong, baggage? Or perhaps "am I wrong, Geo?") I too wish you clean crisp linens (dang that sounded nice), no nausea, and an upswing in your mood. hugs.


I'm sorry things have been so rough. I'm hoping you turn the corner very very soon. You'll be able to sort out all the news once you are not in so much pain. We'll be here to help you deal too :) Feel better.


When I got my wisdom teeth taken out they put me under too. When I woke up I probably asked "is the IV out?" around 50 times. I do not like IVs. Keep on recovering! And I send a smile to you.


glad to see that you're more, uh, coherent.

i had abdominal surgery last spring, and remember how my belly was that weird orange for a few weeks. it'll get better, the swelling will go down. pinky swear.


It really sounds like you're on the mend. Keeping you and Bug in my thoughts as the days go on.

Kristi K.

Ugh! Where is your baggage and bug site? It's gone and something else is there now!


I know! Baggage where are you!!! I don't want luggage!


Hey stranger! How the hell have you been. Been thinking of you and bug lately. Hope you are both well.


Once I got the green light to have sex, I got pregnant on the first try after my laparoscopy, and I also have a left tube completely blocked. I wish the same for you - stay positive!

good luck girl!

P.S. I've been looking high and low for your adoption /foster blog but cannot find it anywhere!


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