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omigosh omigosh!!! Yay for Right Ovary!! That is such great news!! Oh yay!! Yay for tone of voice of the little doctor man, and for the clear pictures, and yay for Geo telling us so and yay for the bravest cutest and sometimes whiniest in pain baggage who has made it through. May the pee come less painfully and may the rejoicing and healing begin!! :D thanks Geo for the post.


Wonderful post, Geo! You may not agree, but I think you're a great writer just like your Baggage. But more importantly, I'm THRILLED to hear that she is doing well, despite the fact that it hurts like a mofo, and that the right ovary is just fine and dandy. I don't know why I never thought to mention this before, but My friend had an ovarian cyst when she was 19, and they had to remove one of her ovaries. It was never a problem for her, and she has a beautiful 8 yr old daughter. So you only need one!

Anyway, keep taking good care of our Baggage! I'm so glad the worst is over!

Melissa in TN

I had a lap about a year ago with adhesions and a cyst. Now I am pregnant and due in January. Best of luck to you (when you are ready to get pg).

Hang in there. The worst is behind you and now you know what's going on.

Mrs Figby

Oh, what great news about Right Ovary! And glad that Baggage made it through ok. Thanks for the excellent update, Geo. You rock, dude.


Jeez Geo, why you gotta make me cry like that? Right on right ovary!

Lots of love to you all.


LOL that is the best report I have heard in a long time. YAYAYA for a right overy! and your an awsome writer Geo you should come on do it more often!

Tell her I am wishing her well and that I know it hurts!


Wow, guest bloggers Bug and Geo all in one week! Much good news on the one ovary/tube cooperating and the other (apparently) not looking cancerous or something. Feel better soon.


I'm so happy, happy, happy for you both!!! And I second and third everyone else in saying that you only need one ovary. The second is just a backup, sort of like a second kidney, or ear or something. And hey, maybe now that it's free and waving around, it might decide to look perkier, right? At minimum, the pain will be better soon. I'm very glad you updated us, and of course, now I'm going to be silly and ask, so what the heck was causing the bleeding cha? Just the adhesions? Bags, when you get back, you have to post those photos, because you know all us junior fertility docs are dying of curiosity, right?


Oh, that is such good news. I'm so happy for you both and relieved that the surgery itself went without a hitch.

Here's to a speedy recovery!


Hey you tell Cubbie Girl that I had the SAME EXACT diagnosis last august. They actually removed my whole left ovary and tube. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant now with a little boy. TEll her not to give up hope!


Thanks, Geo, for posting and letting us know how everyone is doing. Give Baggage a hug and try to stay clear during any puking jags. The stuff is really hard to get off of shoes.

Take care, Baggage. Hope your feeling a whole lot better in 24.


Thanks for the report, Geo! Glad to hear Right Ovary is NOT in Timbucktu, but safe and happy and clear where it belongs. I hope Baggage is feeling better soon!


Geo- you're an awfully sweet guy! So glad to hear about the good ovary! Feel better soon!


Baggage- your Geo sounds like a keeper. Swoon! So glad to hear you've got something to work with and everyone has such encouraging stories. Everything crossed for you!


Thank you Geo, for braving the internets to give us this update. Baggage, hoping you heal fast.

And yippee for the right ovary!


LOL and oh so happy for all of you.

Jo in Utah

Geo, thanks for the update. While the left O is not in good shape, I am happy to hear they found it. I was thinking we would find pictures of it on the milk carton next! Yay for the right side working and looking good. Now just work on feeling better, Baggage!


Oh, what a relief! Thanks Geo for the update and for caring for our wonderful Baggage.

Lots of love and painfree vibes to you all.


Yay! She's okay! Hope she's not in too much pain. I think you're just a fine writer, Geo. Good news about the right tube, anyway. Love to Bug and Baggage!


Its 4:45 a.m her time and she was awake so she called her mommy. Said she felt better last night but not so good this morning. It will take time.

Everyone please keep telling her to drink plenty of fluids, eat small meals frequently and don't overdo.

You know how kids are, they don't always listen to their Mommy!


Thanks, Geo, and yippee!

(Baggage, listen to your mommy!)


Yeah for good news!!!!So relieved and do as your mom says!


drink plenty of fluids, eat small meals frequently and don't overdo.
Halleluia for the good report and great reporting by Geo!

Round is Funny

Great news and thanks for the update!


Hurrah for Baggage! And Hurrah for Elphaba! I never really liked Galinda all that much anyway.

And Hurrah for Geo for updating us.

Give Bug a hug...or a high five if she prefers for all of us.

Tell Baggage we all love her.

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