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Baggage: A 28 year old, former Marine, sexual abuse survivor who likes reading, reality TV, Grey's Anatomy, freaking out and reading blogs. Curses a lot, has issues, but loves to dance around to show tunes. Doesn't everyone? She wishes the Cubs would win, but they usually don't. She is routinely mistaken for a 12 year old.

Mom to:
Bug: A 10 year old, has a boy on her notebook with shaggy hair, former foster child with her hair in her face. Mostly sweet with a dash of oppositional defiant disorder. And hyper as hell. Likes "High School Musical," eating as much as possible, and running away from Mom when she is singing show tunes. Adopted in November of 05.

Geo: The significant other. Current relationship status up in the air, but despite that there is a lot of love for the hunk of a race car driver. Is considered by Bug to be her dad. Likes stereos, the Cubs and Old Style Light.

Eagle: Bug's biological brother who was adopted by another family

Delightfulduchess: Baggage's mom

Brian the Brother: Baggage's brother

Cammie: Adoption social worker

Addy: neurotic maroon breasted conure

Also see:
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